[Last updated August 27, 2019]

There is no unique resource or "right" strategy that works and fits everyone. Try different tools and resources and build your own strategy. Strategies change over time and what topic experts and people new to a field need can be massively different (but here is how I keep up with meta-research and comics research if you insist). Some want to dive deep into the evidence and understand as much as possible and others want quick answers they can find in minutes.

The following websites contain medical information, which does not replace consultation and advice from a health professional. Even if this information is accurate, it may not be applicable to your particular health situation.


I am new to health research, evidence based practice and looking for an introduction

I would suggest reading Testing treatments (available online for free in multiple languages)

I want to know more about evidence based medicine and evidence based practice

I would suggest reading Hoffmann, T., Bennett, S., & Del, M. C. (2017). Evidence-based practice across the health professions.

I want to learn even more about evidence based medicine, I know a great deal already

I would suggest reading Guyatt, G. (2015). Users' guides to the medical literature: A manual for evidence-based clinical practice. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

Quick answers for health-related questions (point-of-care tools)

BMJ Best Practice $
UpToDate $
Dynamed ($)
Patient UK

Meta-search engines (health)

Trip database

Health guidelines

WHO (International)
Haute Autorité en Santé (France)
OFSP (Switzerland)
Choosing wisely
GIN (International)
KCE (Belgium)
NICE (United Kingdom)
SIGN (Scotland)
USPSTF (US - screening)

Common systematic review databases

Cochrane (health)
Campbell (Social work)
JBI (Nursing)
Epistemonikos (Health, meta-database)

Symptom-checkers (algorithms suggesting potential diagnoses given a set of symptoms/signs)


I can't get to access a study (paywall)

Google its title and look for a free PDF
Try to look for a free version indexed by Google Scholar
Try the Open Access Button (OAButton)
Try oaDOI
Try the Unpaywall browser extension
Try to look for a free PDF on ResearchGate
Send an email to the study authors (most will gladly help... if they answer at all) and ask for their study
Send an email to a librarian and ask for this study
Send an email to a friend working in academia/university and ask for this study
Try to use the #icanhazpdf hashtag on Twitter
Maybe you can get access using the free Wifi from a nearby university, research institute or hospital?
Don't use you-know-what. Or maybe use it, up to you.


GET-IT Glossary of research terms explained using simple words
The NNT (numbers needed to treat)
MDCalc (medical calculators)
Dynamed Recent Updates $
Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters (POEMS) $
ACP Journal Club $
McMaster Evidence Alerts

McMaster Nursing +
UpToDate news
Dynamed EBM Focus