16.05.2018 Comic update Updated "Le pouvoir des commentaires" ( which was deemed at risk of causing overgeneralization. Previous drawing available via
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08.04.2018 Comic update Updated "Setting research priorities for wound care uncertainties" ( and its English version following suggestions and comments from the authors (some modified sentences, greater focus on people with wounds rather than on wounds only, addition of the workshop date, etc.). Previous drawings accessible via
24.02.2017 Comment Note to readers about the disappearance of QR codes in recent drawings: Transforming internet addresses and URLs into QR code takes a considerable amount of time and these squares take up a large space on the drawings, which is the main reason for their removal. I was also not convinced that they were usable, due to a lack of testers. A reintroduction is still possible but in the meantime these will mainly be included in the more detailed and complete drawings.
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Systematic reviews: Selective versus routine episiotomies for vaginal birth CD000081

The visual representation (table) describing blood loss in both groups does not seem to help understanding.

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