[Last updated Feb 23, 2021]

Description: Non-profit webcomic on (initially) health research, research on research itself (meta-research) and science more broadly. Technically also about cookies which are used as stand-ins for many things (usually research studies).

Purposes: Initially meant to foster curiosity and interest towards scientific research in health, nursing, social work and education. The comics are now (2021) more akin to a set of tools meant to help teach about research methodology, prevalent cultures and emerging ideas in research and evidence based practice (EBP).

The author:  Martin Vuillème*, aka "Tekai". I consider myself a highly curious citizen scientist with a peculiar interest in meta-research. It just so happens that I like to draw and illustrate research as a hobby. My background is in healthcare (care assistant, nursing) and computer sciences and I have some experience as a teaching assistant in special education schools. I currently work as a child care worker in a Swiss residential institution with the most lovely young people. IRL you'll find me thinking, reading, drawing, on a walk, on a mountain looking for mushrooms and living things, spending time in a forest when it's raining or thinking.

Contact: or via Twitter (@ScienceofCookie).

Declaration of interests


  • None
  • The comics are not meant to be created for profit. Ever. Despite this I do consider how to fund future works under a CC-BY-SA license (no embargoes, full raw data shared) using non-biased funds whilst avoiding questionable incentives.


  • Strong belief in naturalism
  • Self-skeptic (hopefully!)
  • Thankful to all those who contributed to The Science of Cookies (too many to name and difficult to keep track of)
  • Strong belief climate change is real and the vast majority of recommended vaccines work
  • Wierd belief that English studies are more reliable per se than non-English studies
  • Specific desire to NOT end up being famous, important* or to have power. I do greatly care about having impact though.
  • Member of the Cochrane organisation since 2016 (?), for whom I did a number of volunteer translations and illustrations
*I would have been very, very, very happy to remain anonymous forever if I didn't think transparency was a much better way forward

Warning:  These comics contain medical information. Illustrating in a humoristic way requires simplifying information and presenting it in a form that can be interpretated in many different ways; some subtle details are thus lost and errors can appear. Even if the information is correct, it might not be applicable to your specific situation or might no longer be relevant. Ideas found in the comics were not meant to substitute discussions with a health professionnal.

Licence:  The drawings begin in June 2016 with a copyright license (C) which then becomes CC-BY-NC-ND in November 2016, then CC-BY-NC in August 2017 and later CC-BY-SA in August 2019 (except for some larger illustrations with more open licenses). This strange journey can be explained as follows: At the very beginning I was not aware of Creative Commons licenses, hence the Copyright meant to protect my work from commercial ideas and inappropriate modifications. Finding this license too restrictive and impractical for those who would like to use my drawings, I first decided to use CC-BY-NC-ND. In August 2017 it seemed to me that prohibiting derivatives also prevented corrections, adaptations and improvements, so the ND was withdrawn and the chosen license became CC-BY-NC. 2 years later in August 2019 I reconsidered this decision; the prohibition of commercial use limited inclusion on Wikipedia and does not guarantee that derivatives remain free. In addition, the NC could suggest that I later intend to make a profit from these drawings, hence the current CC-BY-SA license.

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  • See the COLLECCTORS register (randomized controlled trials involving comics only), of which I am the current main author.