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Obtenir un cookie

posted 27th Jul 2016, 8:00 AM

Obtenir un cookie
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27th Jul 2016, 8:00 AM


[EN] How to obtain a scientific article cookie
Basic version, part 1

- If everything went well, you should have found the dish* you wanted.
- Perfect, except that not all restaurants follow the same rules to give it to you.
* your scientific article or evidence
** scientific journals/organizations

- It will be 500 $. (Elsevier)
- Take all you want, it's on the house! (Plos)
- You can't eat it until november 2017. (JAMA, BMC)
- Only available for VIPs, sorry.

- If you are lucky your dish will be free and directly available.
- Otherwise, you will have to be sneaky.

1. Check if is freely available on PubMed

2. Check if you can find it on Google (look for Pdf files)

Rosenau, J. (2016). For Teachers, Access To The Scientific Literature is Priceless. [online] NCSE. Available at: https://ncse.com/blog/2016/03/teachers-access-to-scientific-literature-is-priceless-0016972 [Accessed 26 Jul. 2016].


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